WhatsApp made it all in communication world

While introduction of SMS revolutionized the communication process in the technological world it came with its limits and the WhatsApp introduction emerged as the breaker of all these limitations.

What are the changes brought up by WhatsApp?

There are a lot of changes made by WhatsApp against the definite usage of SMSs. Some are:

  • Number of characters limitation: Through messages one could send only 160 characters at a time and if they want to send more than that then it will be delivered as another message but WhatsApp has no such limitations, you can send as big message as you want and update as big as WhatsApp status in Hindi or in the way you want it.
  • Cost associated with multimedia messages: If one has to send images or videos through instant messaging services known as multimedia messages then it usually cost more than the normal SMS which is not feasible all the time because you have check your balance before making any sorts of multimedia messages but WhatsApp provide the same services free of cost, here you can send as much pictures as you want and any number of videos, music. Through WhatsApp sharing has really become easy and the best part is it only charges some data that means what you need to have is just net connection and no further charges.
  • Additional charges: SMS would charge users to send messages on festivals even if you have SMS pack butin WhatsApp it is free on all the days in a year. You do not have to make additional payments on the festive days just to send any message or changing WhatsApp status in Hindi or for sending any video; you do not have to pay anything else except having data connection.

The stats show that the usage of this app has increased more than ever before and it is expected to increase in coming days also.

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